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This plant has been used since Ancient times for medicinal healing of a wide range of diseases of the body and mind by herbal and traditional healers and for religious ceremonies and rituals. Research has confirmed very valuable properties, and daily testimonies of users confirm the miraculous healing power against the modern day epidemic of cancer, and chronic inflammatory diseases. WHY ORGANIC GROWING FOR CANNABIS? A very important aspect for growing organic medicinal cannabis is that product will be used in patients with very low immunity, and compromised health, therefore the inputs must be as pure and devoid of contaminants such as toxins and heavy metals as well as to ensure the correct and optimal development of the medicinal properties extracted from the oils.  In view of this do not use any inputs that could contain contaminants such as toxic waste and heavy metals. Bought compost and growing mediums should be from traceable and consistent natural sources, processed by registered and reliable compost manufacturers which do not use sewerage sludge or industrial waste as raw material.  Do not use fertilizers from chicken, cattle, horse or pig manure from factory farms as an input, as it is possibly contaminated by hormones, anti-biotics, or heavy metals. As these animals are fed with mostly GMO maize or soya, manure could be contaminated by herbicides’ and pesticides sprayed in the production of these crops and could be harmful to patients’ health.  Do not use synthetic fertilizers, toxic pesticides and herbicides which could leave residues in plants post-harvest.  Talborne Organics VITA Fertilizers are Approved Inputs for Certified Organic growing by Control Union (Netherlands) for compliance to EU & USA National Organic Program (NOP). They are widely stocked in SA by leading garden centres see for stockists. How to grow CANNABIS: Cannabis grows best when planted in an area where plants get full sun. The seeds can either be planted into seed trays, which are preferable, or directly into the soil but that could delay germination a bit. Cannabis plants will grow best in warm, frost free conditions. GERMINATION STAGE: Planting seeds in Trays: Seed germination mix: Makes 5 Litres 4L-Sieved compost 1L- Fertilis Earthworm Castings 5ml (1 tsp) - Vita-Grow 2:3:2(16) organic fertilizer  Nearly fill the seed tray with above mix, and then place the seed on top. Cover the seed with thin layer of germination mix, the seed should not be planted much deeper than 5mm.  TIP for planting seeds: The germinating mix or soil layer above the seed should not be thicker than the size of the seed to ensure good germination.  Keep in a warm place and the soil moist until the seed germinates, but over watering could delay germination.  Seedlings can be transplanted into the garden bed after 6 to 10 weeks. VEGETATIVE STAGE: Planting seedlings into Containers or Garden Soil Soil or growing medium for cannabis: Should be quite fertile and well drained.  Loosen soil and condition with about 3L of good quality compost per m2 (preferably homemade). Mix 1L of Urbanscape Green Cubes into soil for water retention and saving. Till into soil 100g of VITA Veg 6:3:4 (16) organic fertilizer and 250ml Fertilis Earthworm Castings per m2, rake to smooth surface. Space correctly to allow for fully grown, but not overcrowded conditions. Dig holes deep enough to cover the seedling plug, then transplant the seedlings, fill soil into planting hole, and firm down soil around seedling for support. Water well till roots establish.  Urbanscape Green Cubes can be mixed into the container mix or growing medium at 20% to 80% growing medium for water saving and retention. If fertilizer is applied directly into planting holes in garden beds or containers use 2ml VITA Veg 6:3:4(16) and 10ml Fertilis Earthworm Castings. Mix this into soil or potting medium before placing the seedling, then fill planting hole but make sure the top of the seedling plug is covered, then firm down well to stabilize the seedling before watering. BUDS & FLOWER STAGE: Fertilizing cannabis plants Avoid too high Nitrogen fertilizers as they may encourage leaf growth at the expense of the formation of the bud. To stimulate buds and flowers fertilize by spreading 5ml per plant of VITA Fruit & Flower 3:1:5 over soil surface when leaves are well formed OR as many “growing gurus” on social media attest to great results using the Talborne Organics EcoGreen Seedling mix for great BIG FAT BUDS! For a liquid fertilizer option use Biogrow Biotrissol 3:2:5 which can be used as a foliar feed (leaf spray) or drench around root zone at a dilution of 5ml per 1L water every 10 to 14 days as required. Watering your cannabis plants: Cannabis plants do not like wet, soggy growing medium so add Urbanscape Green Cubes to hold and release water. They thrive in loamy soils with lots of organic matter and good drainage. They require regular watering but too much water can result in root rot. Do not water the leaves, as this could cause fungus. WARNING & DISCLAIMER: Although allowance has been made under SA law for the growing of cannabis/marijuana/dagga/nsangu (Zulu) or slang known as “weed” for personal use, it is still classified as illegal (Medical and Dental Pharmacy Act No. 13 of 1928), and can be a habit forming drug which is dangerous to health. Only in the interest of safe and responsible propagation is Talborne Organics supplying this information. THE CONTENT OF THIS ARTICLE MAY NOT BE EDITED OR ALTERED IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER

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